Wrought Iron by Josh Greenwood, Artist Blacksmith, Greenwood Ironworks
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Architectural Ironwork, hand forged in a style utilizing old tools and modern machinery in combination with a virtually unparalleled mastery of the techniques and methods of history's most venerable master blacksmith artists.

Original decorative wrought iron design employing innovative and fresh interpretations of ancient elements and motifs, and reflecting the standard of excellence embodied in the great European Gothic, Renaissance, and High Baroque masterpieces.

We thank the many clients who have commissioned handrails, balconies, garden gates, historic restoration, and smaller items, and especially those who have honored us with estate gates, staircases, and other grand projects.

Today we seek clients and commissions to challenge and inspire us to greater achievements. Please contact us for a design consultation.

After 37 years in business the fundamentals are unchanged. We are still fascinated with the sculptural beauty of hand forged ironwork, and focused on the technical challenges. This applies to everything, from the most simple hand forged rose head nail to the most complex spiraling acanthus leaf.

Project designs evolve through communication; blending the visions of clients and architects with our metalworking expertise. Compatibility with the prevailing architectural style is an overriding principle, and as craftsmen, we are committed to function and durability.

Forged iron becomes art only when the raw power of the hammer is directed with both vision and finesse. From door knockers to palace gates, the wrought iron masterpieces of antiquity stand the test of time and equal the finest art in any field. Toward this we aspire.

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